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Fantasy Football League Manager Information

The Huddle is proud to be the premier web site for NFL fantasy football leagues. Voted the best fantasy football web site by The Annual Internet Sports Awards every year since 1998, The Huddle has established itself as the industry leader.

The reason for this is simple. Everything we do here at The Huddle is done with the NFL fantasy football league manager in mind. We have committed ourselves to providing the best league resources possible to fantasy managers. With the goal of giving fans everything they could possibly want and nothing they don't, it is easy to see how we ended up where we are today.

When NFL fantasy leagues want access to in-depth articles, stats and message boards, they join The Huddle. We provide our "huddlers" with exceptional, easy to find content. The following is just some of the expert information and advice our "huddlers" have access to in order to help them win their 2013 NFL fantasy football leagues and continue to win year after year:

If you want access to the most comprehensive fantasy football league manager resources available, join The Huddle today.

Fantasy Football Articles

One of the main reasons NFL fantasy leagues use The Huddle season after season is our member articles. We don't simply post the same canned fantasy articles available everywhere on the Internet, we offer only unique quality content to fantasy football leagues. The free NFL articles available to "huddlers" offers in-depth coverage of all things football paired with the insightful expert analysis of our very own staff writers. This ensures that fantasy managers will always be current on the latest news that affects their fantasy rooster, including player, coach and team news.

Our articles do more than just keep you current on the news, they also provide you with in-depth analysis of that news, helping you see things through a fantasy manager's slant. Being able to understand league news from a fantasy league manager's perspective helps our members see what these events really mean to them and to their fantasy teams. The perspective received from our articles and from our expert analysts will prove to be a valuable tool to help you perform better in your 2013 NFL fantasy football leagues.

Fantasy Football Stats

Beyond the rich content offered in our fantasy articles, The Huddle also provides NFL fantasy leagues access to statistical resources that cannot be matched. Our statistics section offers "huddlers" every football-related stat they could possibly want or need. With easy to find stats (2003 through 2012 and 2013 to come) on the target positions, individual players, and by position statistics, our members know they will have all the tools they need to effectively analyze their fantasy teams. When it comes time for fantasy football leagues to decide who to start in next week's game or if you should attempt a fantasy player trade, the stats area of our site will give you every angle you need to ensure you are making the best decisions. In an effort to make our football stats even more useful to NFL fantasy league managers, we allow them to be viewed either by week or by season-to-date. This allows fantasy football league managers to spot trends and patterns preventing you from jumping to rash decisions based on a single week or one random game. Check out The Huddle and see that our quality resources are the best for every 2013 fantasy football league manager.

Fantasy Football League Forums

NFL Fantasy league managers at The Huddle have access to our fantasy football forums as well. Here, fantasy fanatics can find more fantasy related talk than they can handle. Our league manager and message boards are considered the best and most informative on the Internet. Whether you want to meet with fellow fantasy fans and managers from around the country to chat about league news in our general forum, conduct your 2013 fantasy football leagues weekly business in our league forum, or seek expert advice from our resident analysts and fellow "huddlers" in the advice forum, you are sure to find everything you need and crave. Take advantage of our extensive fantasy resources as well as our premier fantasy forums and make The Huddle your 2013 fantasy football league manager resource today.

Daily Fantasy Updates for 2013

As your 2013 fantasy football league manager resource, The Huddle provides fantasy football leagues with free daily fantasy manager updates of relevant information designed to help bring perspective to everything going on within the NFL.

Your week is kicked off with our Monday morning wrap-up. We recap everything that happened during the weekend games including injuries, the fantasy studs and duds, and a lighthearted look at all of the games around the league.

Tuesday provides "huddlers" with the trade and free agent report. This includes all the information a league manager needs to make informative trade decisions, allowing them to put their best players to work each week.

Wednesday's game predictions and player projections look at each game's match-up through a fantasy slant and predict the outcomes. This NFL update also includes projected individual stats for over 200 players every week.

One of our most popular features is the original start/bench list brought to you on Thursdays. The start/bench list gives fantasy football leagues a rundown of all the games and provides a start/bench rating and analysis for all their fantasy players. For the fantasy football leagues that use individual defensive players, Thursday's IDP report is truly indispensable, giving a weekly rundown of the defensive line, linebacker and defensive back positions with starter recommendations and a top 5 ranking for team defenses.

Friday rounds out the week with the game prep which gives several free tools and features that help leagues with final preparations for the upcoming weekend's games, including all game predictions and player projections on a handy one-pager.

Make The Huddle your 2013 fantasy football league manager resource and start taking advantage of the most unique content available on the Internet.

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